Hatha Yoga for beginners

When practicing yoga for the first time (Hatha yoga – pronounce haah-tha) I will ask you about your long term goals when practicing yoga. So the first session will be extra 30 min long, where I will figure out your needs. You may not know yourself you just want to practice yoga and there’s nothing wrong with that.
Yoga is a 3500-year-old science, not a sport, but it will move and transform your body extremely well.
Yoga is a tool that you can use to learn how to relax, breathe properly and by the way, your body will look nicer. Period.

I can’t relax easily, I can’t turn it off

That’s why we start the lesson with breathing exercises to keep your mind calm, not just your body.
At the end of the lesson, guided relaxation is a favorite of many where you get into a deep resting position in 10 minutes when hormones and chemical substances are released into the body such as dopamine, melatonin, oxytocin.
This not only changes the chemistry of the brain but also the whole body, which affects the hormone economy, circulation and the functioning of all internal organs.

Will I be feeling better after the first hour?

As a combination of relaxation and movement, the beneficial effects on your body will be felt after one hour, but of course regular exercise will bring long-term results, because ‘where attention goes, energy grows’. This basic rule is no different with yoga either.

Are we really going to sing Sanskrit mantras?

Only if you specially ask for it.

What’s the OM mantra?

AUM / Om (both spellings are correct) mantra pronunciation is very effective, its the basic yoga symbol. Repeating OM cleanses your aura, it works amazingly well, even in cases of chronic headaches or just simply when you wish to have a pause from the outside world.
Just as the pronounced words have the power, so the ancient Om voice, you can use the mantras to bring you back to your center, or you may achieve a better goal. Be open, this is part of practicing yoga, too.

Why do they say yoga cleanses you inside and out?

Because yoga is stimulating the processes of detoxification and selection, by saying goodbye to everything you do not need, whether it is of a physical or mental nature.

In this case, it seems like a big weight is shrinking from your shoulder, you may know the feeling.
Yoga is a hormone shower for the body, and this is especially understood by woman suffering in thyroid problems.

I’m recovering after a serious surgery, can I practice yoga?

First you should definitely consult your doctor, but he will give you the permission to do yoga earlier then you think.

Luckily, Western medicine now agrees that in addition to traditional treatments, yoga brings excellent results in the treatment of cancer related illnesses, strengthens the immune system, and helps in the treatment of pain.
Depression, Panic Disease, Autoimmune Diseases IBS, Thyroid Problems, PMS, Circulatory Disorders are also effective in at least one-day intensive yoga.
Read above about stress treatment and cleansing.

Can I practice yoga when I have my period?

Reverse postures are not recommended at this time, but the rest of the asanas ( poses) yes.