Private yoga / Yoga for individuals who are health-conscious
but short of time

Did you know that sitting is simply not healthy?

From an evolutionary point of view, the human body was not made for sitting. Well this is bad news, but now at least you know why your back, neck, and shoulders hurt during sedentary work. Even if you use perfectly ergonomic office furniture. Sooner or later, you too will inevitably experience these severe symptoms. Except if you do proper and regular exercise to strengthen your body against the negative effects of sedentary lifestyle. Feelgood Yoga helps you in this by offering private yoga sessions in Batthyány street, near Széll Kálmán square. Yoga in English.

What do my regular clients say about my private sessions?

“I was taken by Júlia’s personality and sense of humour. Finally a yoga instructor who doesn’t act serious. Besides, my constant back pain subsided already in the first weeks. After 6 months I realised that I was calmer, and it was not as hard anymore to leave my bed in the mornings, and this is an awesome feeling! Oh, and I can finally sit with a straight back. Thank you.”

Erika Tamás

“To me, Júlia’s yoga sessions are like going to a personal trainer and a kinesiologist at the same time. After the birth of my daugther, I was suffering from depression, and I felt I would be unable to go back to work. Doing yoga two times a week really helps a lot. Another plus is that Júlia helped me put together a 15-minute daily routin yoga exercise. Even if not every day, I use it several times a week to start my day. I love it! What I especially like is the use of aromatic oil during the relaxation; I have never seen this anywhere else before.”

Ági Zalai – Budapest

What do you do for your health?

How do you prevent pain, or if you already have it, how do you ease it or make it go away?

Feelgood Yoga delivers a time-saving solution in the form of private or small group yoga , even in English!
All you need to do is give yourself an hour of “me-time”, mute your phone, and focus on nothing but yourself and the exercises.

The goal is to make you fully charged, balanced, and motivated for the rest of the day!


The complex, beneficial effects of private Feelgood Yoga sessions

  • my private yoga sessions are tailored to your problems and your build
  • they make your body flexible
  • loosen the stiff muscles in your neck and back
  • ease and often eliminate pain in your body
  • fill you with energy
  • you will be more motivated and active
  • they improve your reaction time and concentration skills
  • improve your memory and problem-solving skills
  • relieve stress and tension
  • relieve the symptoms of depression
  • you will be more balanced and in a better mood
  • they keep your blood pressure under control

Private yoga for small groups

Practice yoga at Batthyány street with your partner or your friends,  you can share the costs.

Private yoga in two languages, Hungarian and English

If there is someone in the class who does not speak Hungarian, no problem – I will explain the exercises to them in English.
But if you want to kill two birds with one stone and would like to practice some English during yoga, just let me know! Then I will instruct you in English. This will make the session even more exciting!

Make an appointment for private yoga now, and explore the inner harmony, in your body as well as in your soul!