Office yoga

How does Feelgood Office Yoga help you?

More and more companies in Hungary are discovering the beneficial effects of Mindfulness, and are using them efficiently. After all, a company’s performance depends on the performance of its employees. Healthy employees are happier, more cost-efficient, and more productive! This is what the office yoga programs of Feelgood yoga specialise in.
I used the foundations of traditional Hatha yoga to develop this unique set of yoga practices. It is designed for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle and require real immersion, commitment, and creativity.
For international offices, Feelgood yoga is also available in English language.

This is how office yoga benefits the employees:

  • it increases flexibility
  • loosens the neck and back muscles
  • improves reaction time
  • improves memory and problem-solving skills
  • builds concentration
  • increases motivation
  • relieves physical and mental stress, tension, depression
  • lowers blood pressure
  • reduces absenteeism
  • office yoga is also great to unify your team

Doing some (time-efficient) yoga in the office will help you relax, as well as exercise, shape, and strengthen your body. The end result: the mental and physical health of employees will noticeably improve. Office yoga can also be effective during team building activities or conferences.

Who is Office yoga for?

– Feelgood Yoga provides quality yoga instruction for employees of all ages.
– It also provides private yoga sessions for business managers in the office or in the comfort of their home.

Where is Office yoga available?

As a mobile yoga studio, Feelgood Yoga provides yoga sessions on request at corporate offices in Budapest, Budaörs, Törökbálint, and Budakeszi.
For prices outside of Budapest, please contact me and we will discuss the details.
To make an appointment, click here: Get in touch for Office yoga

How long are the Office yoga sessions?

An average office yoga session lasts for 60 minutes, with relaxation music in the background. The session includes pranayamas (breathing techniques), relaxation with aromatherapy oils, and of course asanas (yoga poses), which make up the largest part of the class. Depending on your needs, a session can last for 40–90 minutes.
Imagine a workplace with cheerful, dynamic, and motivated colleagues!
Organise an Office yoga in your office, join the class, and see how yoga makes you productive and energetic!
I am also happy to give your team a trial class to help you make a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions About Office Yoga

In what language Office yoga classes are available?

In Hungarian or English. This way, even those working in an international office can enjoy the beneficial effects of yoga.

I have never done yoga before, and I don’t know how relax, is that ok?

No problem, because you will learn everything from the basics. You can read more about this in the Hatha Yoga for beginners section.

If I sweat, how am I going to work afterwords?

You will not sweat more than when you rush out for a quick lunch or run up to the 3rd floor. If your office has a shower, we can do more intense yoga poses, but if not, we will simply not hold the asanas (yoga poses) for that long.
The main goals of office yoga are stretching, relaxing, and freshening up, and of course it’s an abundant exercise for the body, too.

Who is Office yoga for?

For office workers who sit, drive, use a computer, and solve stressful tasks every day.
Besides developing the correct posture for work, you will learn stretching and relaxing exercises that relieve neck, waist and hip pain resulting from prolonged and incorrect sitting positions.

Who is Office yoga not for?

If you have never had back or neck pain, wake up every morning perfectly refreshed, or if you have never heard of anxiety. If you meditate regularly, easily run a half-marathon twice a year, and have a harmonic relationship with all your colleagues.

What kind of room do we need for Office yoga?

Yoga sessions can even be held in meeting rooms or multi-purpose spaces.

What outfit should I wear?

I have two options for you. One is to change into something comfy (tracksuits, shorts, yoga clothes, anything loose), the other is to stay in your regular clothes but remove your shoes, and do the breathing and stretching exercises while sitting on a chair. The first option would be the best of course, but in any case, I always recommend that at the end of the class, you do the relaxation on a yoga mat.

I am a beginner, but many of my colleagues have been practicing yoga for years, is this a problem?

It is better if everyone is on the same level at least in terms of fitness, if not yoga, but I can give different tasks if I find it necessary, of course. During the first session, we will discuss the goals and needs of the group.

We don’t have yoga mats.

I will bring the yoga mats myself.

I work out regularly, so why do I need yoga?

Yoga perfectly complements running and gym workout, as you will learn to stretch and loosen up more. Most importantly, you will learn how to relax.

When is the best time for Office yoga?

The best time to do yoga is in the morning, during lunchtime, or in the evening after work.
Do not eat solid food 2 hours before the class, but make sure you are hydrated. Do not drink anything half an hour before the class, and only take a few sips of water during the session. After the class, however, drink as much as you can.

Yoga during lunchtime

Lunchtime yoga will definitely help freshen up your body and soul – and you do not even have to skip lunch! Try the 40-minute turbo yoga, which leaves you with 20 minutes to have a light lunch. One turbo yoga a week will help you feel better and improve your performance.

Increase productivity at your company! Make an appointment for your employees – even for a trial class – and enjoy the benefits of Office yoga!