Are you working for an international company in Budapest? Order a yoga instructor for your office who speaks fluent English.

Office Yoga in Budapest, The benefits of corporate yoga, what are your worries?

I’ve never been to yoga before and I don’t know how relax, is that ok?

You can, because you will learn everything starting with the basics. You can read about this in the Hatha Yoga for beginners section.

If I sweat, how am I going to go back to work afterwords?

You’re going to sweat as if you were rushing outside for a quick lunch or when you suddenly run up to the 3rd floor. It’s ok.
If your office has a shower, we can do more intense yoga poses, for sure, but the office yoga’s goals are to stretch, loosen up create uplifting goals and of course, move your body.

For whom is office yoga direct for?

For office workers who sit, drive, use a computer and solve stressful tasks every day. To teach the correct posture for work. You will be able to master stretching and relaxing exercises that relieve neck, waist and hip pain resulting from long and incorrect seated positions.

Who shouldn’t do corporate yoga?

If you have never had back or neck pain. If you wake up every morning perfectly refreshed. If you are familiar with anxiety, you meditate regularly, and run half-marathons easily twice a year and are harmonious with your colleagues.

How do I dress for yoga at work

There are two options available. One is to jump into something comfy (loose clothes, shorts, yoga clothes, running trousers, shirts. etc are welcome) the other is to stay in your normal clothes and do the breathing and stretching exercises while sitting on a chair. However, I still recommend to do the relaxation on a yoga mat at the end of the class. Of course, the first solution is way more ideal.

I’m a beginner, but many of my colleagues have been practicing yoga for years, is that a problem?

It is better for the team to be similar in fitness and health. Of course, I differentiate the tasks if necessary and we discuss the goals and needs of the group during the first session.

We don’t have yoga mats!

Don’t worry, I will bring these with me.

I exercise regularly so why do yoga?

Yoga and mindfulness is the perfect complement to gym workouts and running. You will learn to improve your ability to relax.

The best time for office yoga is when?

Morning and during the working day.
Do not eat solid food 2 hours before performing yoga, but you could have a few bites before class to be hydrated, but I recommend just half an hour before you start. It is best not to drink liquids, however drinking fluids after the session to highly recommended.

Lunch-time yoga

Doesn’t mean that you will miss out on food and you are guaranteed to be physically and mentally refreshed after your lunch. I recommend the 40-minute Turbo Yoga session in your office followed by a 20 minute light lunch if you only order one session a week in advance. Its worth it! Let me tell you about it….


Time: Yoga is Officially Sweeping the workplace.