The first yoga lesson I took was a Bikram class in 2006, and since then I have practiced yoga on and off until I completed the 200-hour Sivananda teacher training, where during Ganga’s lessons I realised that this is what I wanted to do. Yoga became my daily routine. Now, if I miss it, my day is incomplete. Real yoga forms not only your body, but shapes your life too. Before the Sivananda training, my life was overwhelming and yoga gave me a second chance.  Breathing techniques and meditation cured my M-size discomfort and L-size anxiety.  As my body was healing and becoming more flexible, my life also improved.

I’m also a kids yoga instructor and I’m certified to teach yoga for children age 3 years and up. I thought yoga for children in a summer camp and I’m in the process of organising children and family yoga programs.

It is with true gratitude to my Guru and teachers for their knowledge, that I give my sincere thanks to my students for their attention and curiosity that inspires me deeply. 

Learning yoga is never ending and this is exactly why it is never boring.

Give it a try!